When Therapists/Entreprenuers Experience Depression...(Guess whose both)

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Hey everyone! I hope your week leading up to Thanksgiving is going well and you are preparing to rest and take a much deserved break. I usually do not blog much about my feelings, but I almost felt inclined to do so, in order to maintain my sanity. For those who do not know, I am in my last year of my Master's Program in Clinical/Counseling Psychology. I am also an entrepreneur who runs a paper writing service, a life/health coaching service, and a resume writing company. On top of that, I am currently interning in a college counseling center doing therapy. Pretty hectic right?

Though all of this is very lucrative financially and it is mentally stimulating, but the emotional costs are overbearing. I find myself drained of my energy, unable to concentrate, and losing interest in things that once excited me. For any therapist that knows about these symptoms, it screams DEPRESSION!

How could I, who is suffering from depression, be helping other people to heal from their depression and help so many clients each day?

I contemplated quitting my internship, taking a leave from grad school, and ultimately things much darker than both the previous options. I also contemplated about if I should reduce the amount of clients I was taking (which would also reduce my income).

But then I got on Twitter, and I began to scroll through countless funny memes, gifs, posts, and videos. People always talk negatively about social media, but what about the healing powers that it has?

Interacting with thousands of followers on a daily basis has helped me to see that brighter days are coming, and that there are more people in the universe who are in much worse circumstances than I am in. That helps me with my gratitude. I am extremely grateful for all the stress that is bestowed upon me, because everything is worth being worried about. These people look up to me in their own weird way, and I felt like I would be letting them down by letting anything go. It's almost as if my business is causing my stress, but the CUSTOMERS are the key to overcoming this stress. Without them, I would have no business. Scrolling everyday helps to remind me of the purpose of what I do: help people. This is more rewarding to know. 

Of course I want to be successful, or course I want to reach my financial goals, but my emotional health is much more important, especially in a career path where I have to exert so much energy helping other people with their issues.

So, yes, I'll continue to take my mini Twitter breaks throughout the day...because they keep me sane and they mentally de-stress me. Whatever you need to do to give your mind a quick break...DO IT! I highly recommend trying this today. Think of one thing that you can do for 5 minutes today to mentally and emotionally de-stress you. This is especially important for entrepreneurs, because we have to give so much of our energy to our customers. People think it's easy to "just post stuff" and to sell online, when in reality... it can be a lonely process. It can cause you to be isolated. It can cause you to be depressed. Awareness is the first step in healing depression. (And this is coming from a depressed therapist and entrepreneur). After you are aware, THEN AND ONLY THEN, can you take the first steps toward becoming the entrepreneur and the PERSON of your dreams. 

You can start to reframe those negative thoughts. 

An example might be when you're tired and feeling like: "I don't want to complete my last 2 orders". 

Shifting this to: "Wow, I am so blessed to have so many orders that my customers are wearing me out. Maybe I should take two days off next week to recuperate" can be helpful. 

Bringing awareness to your breathing can be useful. Try meditating before filling those orders or try a breathing exercise before posting on social media for the day. 

Another technique that can be used is to reach out for some social support. This can be a call or text to a family member or friend, or it might be SCROLLING through social media to help interact with some of your social network. These are real people on the other side of the Internet, and sometimes a simple post stating, "I'm a really tired and drained entrepreneur drowned in work orders and other company work to do. Is anyone else having this feeing today?" can help an entrepreneur to realize that hundreds of other people will also resonate with this feeling. There is some comfort in knowing that what you're experiencing is not unique to just YOU.

These tips are just small techniques, but they come only AFTER awareness of the depression. The last step after being aware and learning techniques is the hardest...


This can be difficult, simply because: things are easier said than done. Just because someone has all the tools to better their current situation does not mean that they will take it. So, learning to use the techniques when the depression is onset can be the most important aspect of the process. The more the brain rehearses these techniques, the better off the entrepreneur is going to be.

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Thank you all for reading this, just typing this helped me to de-stress. 

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  • Kenyatti Hellum on

    I loved this read a lot! A lot of people only see the glitz and glamour of being a entrepreneur and creative and it’s a really dark side sometimes and our lifestyles really mentally put us more at risk for mental health illnesses. And lots of the times we don’t notice until after the damage is done.

  • Tyllah Hampton on

    I love when you said “People think it’s easy to “just post stuff” and to sell online, when in reality… it can be a lonely process. It can cause you to be isolated. It can cause you to be depressed.”..

    Please don’t give up. This helped me so much today 💞💞

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