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Mood 24/7 Podcast Season 2: Episode 8

The host of Mood 24/7 the podcast get into it with Keysha Milana about Mental Health. What does it mean? How we are affected? Why is it useful?


Intuitive Entrepreneur Podcast 

"Hook Up Culture" 



No BS Wellness Podcast: Episode 69 | Maximize Your Time With Fun and Procrastination

Episode Recap:

Interview with Keysha Milana - 2:12

"You Want Me To Do What??" section - 44:35


  • Life Coaching is focused on helping someone maximize their full potential and reach their desired results. This can be done in a variety of areas of life such as money, career, spirituality, health, etc.

  • When planning as part of time management, make sure to look back and assess what went well or poorly, and what you can do more of or do differently.

  • Example questions to ask yourself when reviewing your past week:

    • Did you have too much on your plate?

    • Did you take time for self-care?

    • Did you get to a point of burnout from trying to do too much?

  • You need to include fun stuff in your week, not just work and personal to do’s.

  • Tips for including fun in your calendar:

    • Try something new to keep your day-to-day fresh and fun

    • Plan time in your calendar for fun and self-care

    • Make fun and self-care a consistent part of your routine

  • Make your goals positive

  • For setting realistic goals, be aware of where you are right now, what is your timeframe, and what does that mean you need to do in that timeframe to get there.

  • Procrastinating on Purpose Questions:

    • Can you automate the task?

    • Can you delegate the task?

    • Do you have to do the task now?

  • If you need to do a task, then prioritize when you do that task based on “due date.”

  • Top Self-Care Tips:

    • Schedule self-care into your day

    • Be intentional with your self-care

    • Figure out what you do for self-care that is free to do

    • Do different types of self-care to focus on the different aspects of your health


The "On Some Other Shit" Podcast Episode 4: Life is what you make It

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